I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I arrived home yesterday. I was like a kid at Christmas opening the box for this thing. I hadn’t been so excited about a gadget for a long time. As mentioned a few posts ago, I’d gotten to play with one at work over the past few weeks but nothing compares to owning one and getting to play with one on your own time. The design, as with all things Apple, is elegant, simple and gorgeous. The screen is amazingly bright and it’s resolution of 320x480 at 160PPI is incredible. In my spare time this evening I’ve toyed a little with some development/design for an iPhone interface for Runt. I’ll post some more about this over the next few days or whenever I get a chance. It means so much to have a real browser in a mobile phone.

I’ve seen a lot of poor saps posting about how their plastic N95’s are a better deal but these people are clearly delusional. The best one has to be “No MMS? Oh I won’t buy it so”. Uh, you have an unlimited data plan and you’ve got a fantastic handheld email capable device, is this really an issue? If we’re talking pure design, there’s just no comparison either. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, the N95 looks as if it had been not so much designed as congealed.I think the only minor niggle I have with the device so far is its mini-jack which makes a lot of headphones not fit. That and the fact that I found the headphones it ships with, much like the iPod’s, are incredibly painful to wear for more than say, oh, 10 seconds. My ears seem pretty normal to me so I don’t get it.