Over the weekend I decided to try my hand at a little iPhone development. My Objective-C skill is non-existant, and my C skill is incredibly rusty - but I pressed on. First up was installation of the toolchain required to compile native applications. This one was tough, very tough. After much swearing and shouting, I finally managed to get it to install. The iPhone dev team’s official instructions were of help right up until


This is where things seemed to go horribly wrong for me and others. After scouring google for solutions for what seemed like hours, I finally happened up on this little golden nugget. With the toolchain finally installed I cracked open my copy of Stephen Kochan’s Programming in Objective-C along with iPhone Open Application Development

  • a book by NES.app’s developer which I really can’t recommend at the moment.

I decided to write a useless little ROT13 app which you can grab by adding http://www.jasonmadigan.com/repo.xml to your installer.app’s repository list. I’ll release the source tomorrow after a quick cleanup.