It’s an exciting time for JavaScript developers. Over the past few months, we’ve seen all sorts of cool things coming our way. We’ve seen new fast, heavily optimised JavaScript virtual machines such as WebKit’sSquirrelFish, Mozilla’s TraceMonkey and, most recently, Google’s V8. We’ve seen all kinds of cool things done with these new VMs, perhaps the coolest (to my mind) is running dynamic languages such as Ruby in the browser - see here.

We’ve also seen the effective death of the ECMAScript 4 proposal and seen it reborn as ECMAScript Harmony. To top things off, we’ve also seen some very interesting new JavaScript frameworks designed specifically with complex client-side web applications such as SproutCore and, just today, Cappccino & Objective-J. The web development world is evolving too quickly for the current model of standards adoption remain sustainable, and it’s nice to see that developers like those behind Cappuccino get it.